Yoga for Back with Manish

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You can participate by booking a SUBSCRIPTION for 5 classes (which you can use for the next 2 months) & “drop in” the 1st or the 2nd class.

Yoga for Neck, Back and Shoulders (pain, stiffness and prevention) – Manish

Are you the kind of person who likes to have control over every aspect of your life, including your health? Then feel invited to the classes if you desire to gain control over your mind and body through the yoga way.

We also assist persons with mild, moderate, or severe back, neck, and shoulder pain, from various causes.

Unlike regular yoga classes, in this class you will be given exercises/postures to be performed as per your situation.

We stretch and strengthen all the major muscles around the neck, shoulders, and back very, very gently to re-train even the smallest muscles to create harmony among muscles and re-distribute the tasks to the respective muscles.

Manish: “I have personally designed special classes with a dream to aim that my students should never see the hospital for the rest of their lives, which I believe is quite possible. I currently have about 10 years of experience of working with doctors. My dream and experience actually go together very well since I completed my yoga and yoga therapy diplomas and created evidence-based special-designed classes for individual disorders.
During my PhD in public health, I found a lot of lifestyle related disease have made people disabled, thus now I am focusing my yoga classes to prevent/cure/manage people from lifestyle related issues. Crunching over a desk, sitting for a long time, staring at monitors in artificial light, restless mind of the everyday chores and many more are the real monsters. The most comfortable postures are the real enemy of physical health. Just because someone is used to them does not mean that they are good for that person.
The natural state of a human being is healthy and happy! Through practice of yogi way of life not only physical health can be achieved, but mental calmness, clarity and development are always on the cards.”

You can participate by booking a SUBSCRIPTION for 5 classes (which you can use for the next 2 months) & “drop in” the 1st or the 2nd class.

You can book your 5 CLASSES SUBSCRIPTION here: or can simply drop in.

Contribution: 25 Lei/class or 115 Lei/5 classes subscription.
Event Type: In Collaboration (no Concession for Members)
We have a limited capacity of 6 places.