Stupa workshop #1

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“The Stupa is a monument representing peace, harmony, and love. It symbolises the essence of the five elements and the qualities of the awakened mind with its unlimited compassion and most profound wisdom. It contains numerous texts of buddhist teachings and prayers, and it is built to help maintain world peace. The stupa on the grounds of the Center of White Mahakala Study Group will promote outer balance, inner peace, and all encompassing love.

Our main aim is to build the first Stupa in Transylvania together with near retreat facilities (a community building, a meditation hall & accommodation places for 20 people). Our spiritual director Lama Zopa Rinpoche was very happy to hear about the project encouraging us to build a “Kadampa stupa” and to place it on the highest part of our land “as then the whole mountain becomes extremely blessed”. This will be a place for promoting harmony, peace and spiritual activities, bringing great benefits to many sentient beings and to those who are able to contribute in any way to its construction.”
–Marius Micu, Group Coordinator of CBWM

?Atelierul consta in:
?Teorie: veti afla ce este si ce semnifica o Stupa, cum se executa si ce beneficii are si in ce consta proiectul nostru de a construi prima Stupa din Transilvania. Veti avea ocazia sa intelegeti felul in care se realizeaza obiectele sacre budiste si sa va conectati la u proiect.

?Practica: Vom avea macheta unei Stupe in gips si veti invata cum stupa trebuie umpluta. Vom rula mantrele necesare si vom picta statuetele care trebuie puse inauntru.

❗️ Pentru asigurarea locului te rugăm să completezi următorul formular:
Locurile sunt limitate si se vor respecta toate prevederile in vigoare. Poti veni si direct la locatie insa vei putea participa doar in masura locurilor disponibile.

? Workshopurile au loc din din in doua saptamani (lunea) iar participarea este gratuita.