Buddhist Psychology: Pride & Jealousy – Discussion Group

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We invite you to join the next discussion group, part of the “Buddhist Psychology” series!
We will share and discuss insights on pride & jealousy, based onthe buddhist teachings received from Ven. Losang Tenzin, the spiritual program coordinator (SPC) at Nalanda Monastery in France, and our own personal experiences. If you missed the teachings, don’t worry, we will go through a summary before starting the discussion. All the questions that will emerge, will receive an answer from Ven. Tenzin in the next teaching session. It will be a great opportunity to ask and discuss really your thoughts on buddhist psychology!

“Buddhist Psychology” is a series of events consisting of 7 teaching sessions and 6 corresponding discussion group meetings.
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The event will take place on the Zoom online platform – you can access it directly in your Chrome browser or you can download the app on your computer, phone or tablet.

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We welcome you all of any faiths and backgrounds!!