Buddhist Psychology – 1. Causes of Suffering

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Klesha is a Sanskrit term that translates as obstacle, affliction, poison, pain, and distress. Kleshas are internal obstacles that arise in our minds and cause us suffering. They can create powerful disturbances in our inner world and act like poison in our lives.

Buddhist teachings describe kleshas as the source of all individual and worldly problems and as hurdles that we find and have to overcome on our spiritual path. It is said to have 84,000 different forms but they can be simplified into three main categories (sometimes five) known as the Three Poisons in the Mahayana tradition, from which the others come or in which the others are included: attachment, aversion, and ignorance (+ pride & jealousy).

These obstacles or obscurations make life difficult, but that doesn’t mean that there is no way around them. We are, after all, wholly complete beings that already have everything we need within us. It’s just a matter of tapping into our true nature and liberating it from the heavy burdens that kleshas and all earthly obstacles place on us when we encounter them.

Here is our task – Eliminate our ignorance on how we live our lives! Cease to live on auto-pilot. It’s easier said than done, but it is possible. How do we go about doing this, though? How do we gain awareness of the kleshas and let go of our ignorance of them? What kind of practices and forms of guidance can we welcome into our lives to make peace with the kleshas?

? This course is designed to give you answers to these questions offering you clear explanations about the five main Poisons in Buddhism and methods to overcome them. By combining teachings and study groups we hope to give you opportunities in order to gain insight in what Buddhist Psychology can offer to each of us.

The course will consist of 7 teaching session, each linked with a discussion group which will give you the chance to ask questions and share your insights on the subject approached during the teaching sessions:

?April 15/Session 1: Causes of Suffering ( brief overview of the afflictions)
April 22/Discussion Group – Causes of suffering

?April 29/Session 2: Affliction 1 – Attachment
May 6/Discussion Group – Attachment

?May 13/Session 3: Affliction 2 – Aversion
May 20/Discussion Group – Aversion

?May 27/Session 4: Affliction 3 – Ignorance
June 3/Discussion Group – Ignorance

?June 10/Session 5: Affliction 4 – Pride (as a combination of ignorance and attachment)
June 17/Discussion Group – Pride

?June 24/Session 6: Affliction 5 – Jelousy (as a combination of attachment and aversion)
July 1/Discussion Group – Jelousy

?July 8/Session 7: Final conclusion

Ven. Losang Tenzin is the spiritual program coordinator (SPC) at Nalanda Monastery, France and a monk from 2016.. His main motivation for becoming a monk is “that the teachings are very precious and need to be upheld. Someone has to do that. Seeing the opportunities you have to engage with the Dharma you also get stronger compassion for those who do not have these conditions. Hopefully, I can be someone who helps to pass on the tradition.”

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