Bodhicitta with Ven. Gendun

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By his kindness Ven. Tenzin Gendun agreed to guide us throughout the topics of Lam Rim for 1 year. We’ll have evening sessions twice a month, every second Monday, except of course holiday months (for now August and December) when we’ll have 1 meeting.

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Over this coming year we will explore the Buddhist path and teaching with the idea to integrate it into our daily lives.
The aim of this course is to give you a solid footing in the practice of Buddhism, as taught in the Tibetan tradition. You can gain an experiential taste of the Buddha`s teachings, the technique to integrate it in meditation, and the skills needed to make your life most meaningful.

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The structure of the sessions:

  1. OPENING MEDITATION where we scan the body under guidance
    4.INTEGRATING MEDITATION on the discussed topic
    At the end of the session we can have an optional/ final personal Q&A session for those in immediate need.
    We`ll have two short breaks and if personal questions emerge, V. T.G. by his kindness will not let questions unanswered.
    NOTE: kindly ask your questions after the teaching with close topic on the sessions topic, personal questions can find their answer after the final meditation.

    The event will take place on the Zoom online platform – you can access it directly in your Chrome browser or you can download the app on your computer, phone or tablet. You will receive the link before the event, on the e-mail address provided in the registration form.

Suggested donation: 50 lei (10 Euros)/day for Non-Members or FREE FOR MEMBERS.
Let us know if you have financial difficulties and we will offer you a discount.
You can pay using the enrollment form:


Venerabilul Tenzin Gendun este originar din Sri Lanka și educat în Regatul Unit. După ce a studiat artele plastice, a intrat în contact cu budismul în 1991, întâlnindu-i pe Lama Zopa Rinpoche și pe Sfinția Sa Dalai Lama. S-a călugărit în anul 1992. După ce și-a oferit serviciul în centre budiste din Noua Zeelandă, s-a mutat în anul 2000 la Mănăstirea Nalanda din Franța, pentru a-și aprofunda studiile budiste, absolvind acolo programele Basic (de 5 ani) și Master în Budism (de 7 ani). Conduce cu regularitate retrageri în Mănăstirea Nalanda și predă învățături la mai multe Centre FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) din Europa, fiind înregistrat ca profesor acreditat al organizației.


Born in Sri Lanka and growing up in England, Ven. Gendun studied in art school before meeting Tibetan Buddhism in 1991 through the kindness of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After his ordination in 1992, Ven. Gendun worked in FPMT centres in New Zealand. He moved to Nalanda Monastery in France in 2000 to deepen his studies. Since then, he completed the Basic Program and the Master’s program. He teaches and guides retreats at the Nalanda Monastery and in other FPMT centers in Europe.